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Pick Your Own

Our strawberries and cherries are sold by the pound. You can bring your own containers which will be weighed before you start, or we provide metal trays with handles for strawberries, and pre-weighed plastic buckets for cherries. We will direct you to the section of field or rows of trees where you should find the most plentiful fruit. Ready-picked fruit is sold by the quart inside the trailer where we weigh your fruit.

For pick-your-own apples, you will drive to the salesroom area. Here you will be greeted by one of our associates, who will give you directions. The apples are sold by the half-bushel, one price regardless of the variety you pick. We will provide half-bushel baskets for you to gather your fruit. When you return to pay, we will help you to transfer your fruit to your containers or to boxes we have available.

We ask that you follow a few rules in our fields and orchard:

  • Please stay in the area you are directed to pick, so that you are not infringing on another customer's space.
  • For your safety, do not climb our trees.
  • Pick only what you can reach.
  • Do not pull the branches down to the breaking point.
Our orchard welcomes your children and grandchildren. Make your picking time a family outing. During pick-your-own apples, we have Sunday hours if you can't come through the week or on Saturday.

Are you a scout leader? a teacher? We will take your group on a mini tour. Call to book a date.
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